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Online Private Course

EDRMS - Basic


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Designed for IT and RIM Professionals, this course is a “how-to” treatment of Electronic Document & Records Management System (EDRMS) project implementation. IT attendees will learn the essential recordkeeping science they’ll need to understand, and how to achieve successful EDRMS adoption. RIM attendees will understand the core content management concepts they’ll need to know, how to work with IT to define and configure the underlying Electronic Content Management (ECM) system, and how to fully automate recordkeeping within the system. You’ll apply this knowledge to real-world records-compliant solutions for EDRMS systems regardless of the brand of ECM and recordkeeping software. Grounded in solid recordkeeping principles and practical EDRMS know-how, course material includes state of the art third-party recordkeeping add-in technology. This course is designed and delivered by Bruce Miller, author, independent consultant, and leading expert in electronic recordkeeping, and author of “Managing Records in SharePoint”. This course is interactive. In simulated hands-on software exercises, you’ll apply your new knowledge and insight to make critical project decisions and apply the technology to deliver measurable results. You’ll learn to avoid common implementation mistakes and overcome barriers to user adoption.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:


  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of modern EDRMS solutions

  • Clearly define recordkeeping requirements necessary for EDRMS

  • Understand how to achieve end user adoption

  • Achieve full recordkeeping automation with Rules-Based Recordkeeping

  • Learn how third-party recordkeeping add-in software enhances some solutions

  • Identify and avoid common EDRMS implementation mistakes

  • Learn how the IT and RIM Professionals work together to reach the goals of EDRMS

  • Define and track essential RIM performance metrics

  • Apply industry best practices for electronic recordkeeping

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