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Online Private Course

Metadata Mapping for EDRMS Systems - Basic


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Document metadata is the key to a successful EDRMS (Electronic Document/Records Management System) deployment. It is also a vital prerequisite for the critical recordkeeping automation processes. And it’s an essential factor in end user acceptance. Insufficient and/or poor metadata is often cited as the cause of the failure of EDRMS projects. Attend this workshop to learn the elements and structure of metadata, how to define and deploy it, and how to leverage metadata to enable fully automated recordkeeping. This course is designed and delivered by Bruce Miller, author, independent consultant, and leading expert in electronic recordkeeping, and author of “Managing Records in SharePoint”. After completing this course you’ll be able to apply your new knowledge and insight to define the right types and quantity of metadata, influence the design and configuration of the EDRMS, and leverage metadata in a modern retention schedule and other recordkeeping processes as required to define and deploy necessary metadata.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:


  • Account for the differences in case versus administrative records and handle metadata appropriately

  • Understand the various common types of metadata

  • See how the metadata shapes the configuration/architecture of an EDRMS system

  • Learn how to make a machine-readable metadata map

  • Understand and deploy rules-based recordkeeping

  • Conduct effective and efficient business unit interviews

  • Learn the use of lists and taxonomies

  • Know when and where to deploy “Document Type”

  • Transcribe interview notes into a structured metadata map

  • Define standardized nomenclature

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