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Managing Electronic Records in Microsoft SharePoint

Managing Records in Microsoft SharePoint

The Book

Managing Records in Microsoft SharePoint

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This book was published in 2015. SharePoint has advanced quite a bit since 2015. Is the book still relevant? Yes it is! The book covers the fundamental requirements, and introduces the basic principles of SharePoint such as libraries, content types, taxonomies, etc. which have not changed. The descriptions of third-party add-in software is still the same today, and is often necessary to achieve full recordkeeping compliance. The only section of the book that’s out of date is the chapter on SharePoint’s native recordkeeping capability. Microsoft has advanced this capability quite a bit in their new data governance and compliance feature set (SharePoint online Enterprise License Level 5 only), however in many cases it still does not rise to the level of capability required for an enterprise-level, robust recordkeeping solution.


By reading this book you will learn the science of electronic recordkeeping including the concepts and terminology, the importance of case records structure, and how to leverage third party recordkeeping software to apply RBR (Rules-Based Recordkeeping) to SharePoint to fully automate recordkeeping.


Bruce Miller

Managing Records in Microsoft SharePoint


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