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Bruce Miller


Published (2) books on Recordkeeping for Microsoft SharePoint. Authored numerous technical papers and white papers on Information Management and Governance topics. Peer Reviewd papers.

Independent Consulting

19 years experience. Private companies, global multinationals, local, state, federal government agencies, military. USA and Canada. 


Designed and delivered (24) courses on various aspects of modern electronic recordkeeping. 1-on-1 coaching to RIM Professionals.  

Software Development

Developed world's first electronic recordkeeping software. Developed world's first reusable software engine for electronic recordkeeping. 

Public Speaker

Frequent speaker at ARMA, AIIM, other conferences. 5-15 sessions per year. New and timely topics at the leading edge of electronic recordkeeping

Project Management

Certified by Axelos in Prince2 Project Management methodology and techniques.

Business Management

Founded (3) companies. Sold (2) companies (To Documentum and IBM). Raised $7M in venture capital. Executive with IBM. 25 years business experience. MBA from Queen's University

Information Governance

Certified IGP (Information Government Professional) by ARMA.

Skill Sets

Records Management

  • 25 years working exclusively in Information Management field

  • Charter member, National Archives Canada team on electronic recordkeeping

  • Active ARMA member, 20 years+

  • Deep operational knowledge of concepts, principles, and operations of paper and electronic IM requirements and practices in Canada, USA, Europe.

Recordkeeping Standards

  • US DoD 5015.2 - Leading Industry Expert

  • ISO 15489

  • ICA Modules 2, 3

  • MoReq


Software Development

  • Provided functional specifications and software design consulting to various software vendors

  • Conceived of new recordkeeping engine concept, developed from concept through to product design and development, take-to-market.

  • Integrated software engine into IBM Content Manager ECM platform.

  • Wrote 400+ pages of end user and administrator documentation

  • Consulting to software vendors on achieving US DoD 5015.2 certification

Recordkeeping Standards

  • US DoD 5015.2 - Leading Industry Expert

  • ISO 15489

  • ICA Modules 2, 3

  • MoReq


Business Management

  • Grew Provenance Software (developer of ForeMost) from 2 to 39 employees. Managed overall development and operations.

  • Grew Tarian Software (developer, Tarian Engine) from 2 to 28 employees. Managed overall development and operations.

  • Secured $7M+ funding and strategic partnerships in support of product development

US DoD 5015.2 Standard

  • Worked with JITC to write the first draft of US DoD 5015.2

  • Worked with JITC to develop first 5015.2 software test scripts

  • Worked at JITC Fort Huachuca Records Management Software testing lab.

  • Achieved first-ever certification of a software product against US DoD 5015.2 (ForeMost).

  • Led approximately (7) US DoD 5015.2 software certifications. Each certification = $30,000 and 4-8 person-weeks of effort for preparation and testing

  • Peer reviewed and edited revision (2) of US DoD 5015.2

  • Active working relationship with JITC testing certification team

  • Advised (4) software vendors on how to achieve certifications


  • Book “Managing Records in Microsoft SharePoint 2010”. ARMA best seller.

  • Book “Managing Records in Microsoft SharePoint, Second Edition

  • Reports (Sample only)

    • Government of Canada Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements – An Assessment

    • Big Bucket Theory

    • Software-Ready Retention Schedules

    • Municipal Recordkeeping

    • Integration of OpenText and SharePoint

Public Speaking

  • 5-10+ conference presentations per year

  • National, regional, local conferences

  • USA, Canada, Europe

  • Expert panels, round -tables, plenary sessions

  • Pre-conference training workshops

Professional Associations

Association of Records Managers and Administrators


Association of Image and Information Managers


Nuclear Information and Records Managers Association

IBM Logo.jpg

Corporate Technical Recognition (CTRE). Boca Raton, FL 2003

One of 439 employees recognized for special outstanding contribution to IBM, out of 360,000 employees. One of 14 recognized IBM technical leaders. CTRE honors those who have distinguished themselves as exceptional leaders among their peers.

Emmett Leahy Logo.jpg

Emmett Leahy Award. Chicago IL, April 2003

Considered the highest international recognition of a records management professional. The Emmett Leahy Award recognizes an individual whose contributions and outstanding accomplishments have a major impact on the records and information management profession worldwide. Committee Chair, Emmett Leahy Presentation Program.

ARMA NCR Logo.png

Ted Ferrier Award of Excellence, 1999

Second recipient of this award. Highest honor granted by ARMA (Association of Records Managers and Administrators) National Capital Region. Recipient selected for outstanding contribution, business ethics, and excellence in their field of endeavor.

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