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Online Private Course

Preparing an EDRMS RFP


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Learn how to prepare an effective RFP (Request For Proposal ) for an EDRMS (Electronic Records/Document Management Systems) in this course designed and delivered by Bruce Miller, author, independent consultant, and leading expert in electronic recordkeeping, and author of “Managing Records in SharePoint”. Bruce is vendor neutral and has worked with all vendors across his client base. A strong RFP means you’ll get the right software and the appropriate accompanying services to meet your requirements, whereas a weak RFP can lead to potential project failure. You’ll learn how to write comprehensive requirements that distinguish vendor solutions, conduct effective vendor demonstrations and reference checks, secure adequate knowledge transfer from the vendor, and specify sufficient training, support, and documentation to ensure your project has a successful outcome. Prior completion of any RIMtech EDRMS course would be helpful, but not essential.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:


  • Define comprehensive EDRMS requirements that differentiate between vendor solutions

  • Conduct effective reference interviews

  • Specify an effective demonstration that shows you what you need to see

  • Structure progress payments against critical progress milestones

  • Ensure sufficient training, documentation, and project management services are delivered

  • Specify adequate knowledge transfer occurs from the vendor to your organization

  • Understand and analyze true project cost

  • Clearly define non-billable support services versus billable consulting services

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