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Want the very best and the very latest in electronic recordkeeping skills and training? Learn from Bruce Miller, the world's leading expert on electronic recordkeeping.

  • 100% vendor neutral content. No ties to products or services providers.

  • Instruction by Bruce Miller. Learn from, and interact with, the top expert in electronic recordkeeping.

  • Live instruction – not pre-recorded.

  • Real-world examples and experience from actual projects.

  • The very latest in technology, techniques, and methods.

  • Engaging, dynamic, interactive instruction. Exercises to facilitate learning.

  • You get to keep materials and tools following completion.

  • CRM/IGP credits for most courses.

  • Official Completion Certificate.



“I loved the performance measure aspect, and 20 suggested decisions. This was worth the cost of the course alone.”


“I really liked the presenter. He engaged the attendees and asked thought-provoking questions that generated some lively conversations.”


“This was one of the most engaging and informative seminars I can remember attending. I got a lot of great takeaways and can enthusiastically tell my employer that this was a productive use of my time and training dollars.”


“Thank you! This course hit the nail on the head – it touched on many of the issues that I see in the workplace and provided me with the guidance and affirmation that will help me to manage these issues. Awesome seminar!”

There are five ways to get training and coaching from Bruce Miller.:

Online Public Image.jpg

RIMtech Private Online Courses are delivered on-demand to a single organization, with up to 10 participating employees. Content is focused/tailored to your organization, and your particular requirements/interests.

Online Learning conference.jpg

RIMtech Public Online Courses are scheduled periodically and open to anyone. Attendance is limited to optimize the learning experience.

In-Person Seminar.jpg

RIMtech Public In-Person Courses are scheduled periodically and open to anyone. Attendance is limited to optimize the learning experience.

Online Learning.jpg

Online Private Coaching is focused on you and/or your team, and nobody else. Coaching is specific to your project, your technology, your business requirements, and your organization's resources. 

Online Learning conference.jpg

Attend a free monthly webinar on a topic of interest related to electronic recordkeeping. Topical, relevant, and highly informative. 

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