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Online Private Course

EDRMS Enterprise Adoption Plan


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This course is a high-level overview of a detailed plan to foster and sustain end user adoption of any modern EDRMS (Electronic Records/Document Management Systems) system. You’ll learn how to define key messaging, involve senior management, promote the project, solicit end user buy-in, plan an education/information program, and prepare end users prior to onboarding. This course is designed and delivered by Bruce Miller, author, independent consultant, and leading expert in electronic recordkeeping, and author of “Managing Records in SharePoint”. This course contains actionable tasks that when combined, will greatly facilitate end user adoption of a modern EDRMS system.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:


  • Develop high-impact key messaging appropriate to various project stages.

  • Utilize the basic concepts of change management

  • Engage senior management to increase user buy-in

  • Design and deploy a project promotion program

  • Design and deploy a education/information push program

  • Define readiness activities prior to project deployment

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