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Online Private Course

Information Management Administrator – Roles and Responsibilities


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The Information Management Administrator (IMA) plays an important supporting role to the RIM professional. The IMA carries out critical supporting recordkeeping functions within a given department, in support of the organization’s overall recordkeeping compliance program. They have a specific role in the ongoing daily usage and maintenance of the EDRMS (Electronic Document/Records Management System), by supporting end users, and feeding critical performance data to the RIM professional. This course is designed and delivered by Bruce Miller, author, independent consultant, and leading expert in electronic recordkeeping, and author of “Managing Records in SharePoint”. After completing this course you’ll be able to define the role of an IMA, train an IMA, and estimate the time commitments required for their contribution.


Prerequisite – Electronic Recordkeeping 101, or any EDRMS course

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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:


  • Understand the critical differences in behavior of case vs administrative records in an EDRMS

  • Plan an IMA Training course

  • Learn how to create new cases

  • Measure and report on EDRMS Key Performance Indicators

  • Handle physical records within the department

  • Assign permissions to Shared categories

  • Handle supersedence of records

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