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TCA-Compliant Municipal Retention Schedule

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 TCA-Compliant Retention Schedule

This retention schedule has been developed by Bruce Miller of RIMtech Consulting. It is a comprehensive and fully functional retention schedule developed specifically for US and Canadian municipalities, containing everything except legal citations. Based on the traditional function/activity model, this is a state-of-the-art software-ready retention schedule developed specifically for municipalities, for use in an EDRMS project. It is fully compliant with Tangible Capital Asset (TCA) asset management accounting practices found in most municipalities today. This retention schedule contains most, if not all, of the business activities found in many municipalities today. It can be used and deployed out-of-the-box, or as a powerful baseline template. Features:


  • 55 business functions, over 900 business activities (categories)

  • Fully TCA compliant

  • Accommodates the management of traditional and linear assets

  • Machine-readable for direct importation by software

  • Segregation of common and shared business activities

  • Fully utilizes the capabilities of modern electronic recordkeeping software:

    • Multiple retention rules per category

    • Value-based retention assignment

    • Accommodates published records

    • Supports document supersedence

    • Accommodates continuously updated logs and databases

  • Accommodates PII and sensitive information

  • Supports dual retention treatments, one for business (provided) and one for legal (not provided)

  • Handles case records in accordance with EDRMS methods


RIMtech’s TCA-compliant municipal retention schedule is available at no charge to qualified US and Canadian municipalities, counties, and regional governments. To obtain a copy simply fill in the request form on RIMtech’s website. If you qualify, a copy will be sent to you within two business days. Contact with any questions.

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